You never really can fix a heart. ♥♪♫♥ ∞
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You never really can fix a heart. ♥♪♫♥ ∞


A beautiful sunset. on We Heart It.

I wanna read the Harry Potter series and my sister has it but I have no clue where she put them. Looks like I’m going to restart my book collection! 



Maybe I should do the Boo Radley Challenge where I stay in my house for 25 years and never leave

This is the greatest literary reference I’ve ever read.


This is the greatest tweet in the history of tweets


It’s funny how you can be really good friends with someone for years and can’t imagine your life without them and then a couple years later you’re able to walk by each other without acknowledging the other’s existence.


"My only regret is that
I didn’t tell enough people
to fuck off."

My 92 year old grandma. (via lipstickbabe)

by adam elmakias

#imarainbow #immamuthrfukkinrainbow

Dream with my eyes open, Sleep when I'm dead, Love who my heart's chosen, Conquer what lies ahead.

"Be your own person because no one can take that away from you." -Austin Carlile

2012: Hot Chelle Rae - August 9th

2013 Hunter Hayes - August 9th

2014: Paradise Fears - March 7th

Christina Perri - April 7th

All Time Low - April 21st

Cassadee Pope - August 15th

Demi Lovato - October 10th

If you need someone to listen my ask box is always open :) Stay Strong

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